Sunday, 17 April 2011

Free EP Download!!!

For anyone out there who likes free stuff, and songs on an acoustic guitar, this is for you. Here are 5 songs I wrote and recorded in my own bedroom, and now are giving away for free. You may listen, download, enjoy or just completely ignore. If you do enjoy, feel free to leave feedback or even spread the word.

Track Listing

  1. If There is One Thing I Can't Take
  2. Sunflower Field
  3. What is Now
  4. Shades Forgotten
  5. The Isolation
Thank you,
Henry Boeree


  1. Thanks,ill check it out .

  2. gonna check it out now, sounds really interesting

  3. I love acoustical guitar. I'll check it out.

  4. will download, listen and let you know. followed :) looking forward for your next post.

  5. cool. I'll download it and check it out. i love me some acoustics.

  6. Music is great!
    will follow in hope for more!